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Notes From The Sludgebucket

Babblings From An Easily-Amused Twit

Mr. Sludgebucket
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I'm not really a hateful person . . . I just bitch a lot. Instead of letting how utterly screwed-up this world is get me down, I allow it to amuse me to no end, and that includes bitching and moaning about idiotic humanoids and telling tales of my goofed-up friends. There's a great deal of entertaining crud floating around in this world, and I intend to contribute to it!
1970's glam, 1980's music videos, abusing customers, ac/dc, andy mccoy, angel, anthrax, anton lavey, batman, beavis & butt-head, bettie page, betty blowtorch, bianca halstead, black 'n blue, black sabbath, bombshell crush, brides of destruction, britny fox, cartoons, cheap 'n nasty, cheesy slasher films, cinderella, comics, complaining, conversations, creativity, david lee roth, davy vain, dee snider, doro pesch, erotic suicide, exodus, faith no more, faster pussycat, fastway, fire, frankenstein drag queens, gene loves jezebel, geri halliwell, ginger spice, girlschool, glam metal, gremlins, h.p. lovecraft, halfcocked, hanoi rocks, heavy metal, hollywood vampires, i hate nu-metal, iron fucking maiden, itchy & scratchy, jetboy, judas priest, kevin steele, kmfdm mdfmk, l.a. guns, l7, laughing, lennon (murphy), lita ford, lullacry, marilyn manson, megadeth, michael monroe, mojo gurus, monkeys, moonspell, motley crue, nancy collins, nasty idols, nasty suicide, new york dolls, nightwish, nikki sixx, oh my goddess!, old guns 'n roses, ozzy osbourne, phil lewis, powermad, pretty boy floyd, pro wrestling, rats, ratt, reading, redd foxx, ronnie james dio, roxx gang, s.o.d., sahara hotnights, sam yaffa, sanford & son, sarcasm, shooting gallery, shotgun messiah, sick six crush, sisters of mercy, skid row, slayer, sonja blue, spice girls, stuck mojo, t. rex, testament, the 1980's, the cult, the darkness, the family guy, the lowest common denominator, the murderdolls, the peppermint creeps, the simpsons, the sweet, theatre of tragedy, tim skold, tito & tarantula, tom & jerry, tracii guns, transformers, tristania, twisted sister, uhf, vain, vamp, vampires, van halen, vertigo comics, video games, warlock, widowmaker, writing