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Intellectual Conversations At Work [Jul. 5th, 2004|04:40 pm]
Mr. Sludgebucket
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Today at work we were discussing the various aspects of heavy metal throughout the years, and eventually came upon the whole topic of Satanism and heavy metal. However, instead of the standard morality type of stuff, we instead wondered what Slayer, in their early Antichrist/pro-Satan years, would have done if Satan had actually showed up to rock out at one of their concerts.

Despite the fact that Slayer still uses demonic imagery, symbols, and themes, it's been implicitly stated by the band that the whole Satan thing was/is just a work and something they did for fun/attention. So at work, we figured they would've all totally shit their pants if Satan had showed up at an early Slayer gig and banged his fist along with "The Antichrist" or "Die By The Sword" . . . most likely Araya, Hanneman, and King would have all said it was Lombardo's idea, and then ran like hell, no pun intended. But then again, everybody might have just pointed at Hanneman and told Satan it was his idea, since Hanneman would likely have been too high at the time to really know what was going on. Either which way, it would've been funny as hell . . . pun intended.

It was also decided that if there really is a Hell, the guys in Slayer will likely be relegated to sweeping the floors, since they've done a bit of a flip-flop on the whole Satan issue. We figured Satan would appreciate the cool songs Slayer wrote about him, but would be a bit irked about them waffling on the topic, so they'd get stuck with a shit job, but not a truly terrible one.

We universally agreed that if Satan showed up to rock out at a Deicide gig, Glen Benton would probably hop up and down like a kid on Christmas morning and ask Satan to go on tour with them.

So that's the kind of thing we talk about at work whenever we're not making fun of customers.